Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Is Coming Back

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Published: 29th December 2010
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Everybody we know has been dumped once or twice. There's no avoiding it. We have to practice a few rounds before we get it right - after all, that makes the right one we've found that much more precious when we do actually find them! But if you find yourself single again after a relationship that went south, you might look for a sign of hope with these signs your ex boyfriend is coming back.

1. You were the one who dumped him. After all, if the break-up was your idea, then presumably he didn't want to leave. And he may want you back. He might be hurt, angry, or at least hesitant, but with some coaxing he might forgive you and be back with you. Don't make a habit out of doing this over and over, because most men won't stand for it and if he does, he's a doormat.

2. His family and friends were crazy about you. If his mom was asking you when the wedding is going to be and all his guy buddies shot him an envious look when you two were together, most likely he's hearing it from all of them right now. "What were you thinking by leaving her? She was perfect!" they'd be saying. It's nice to think that anyway, isn't it? More likely, they're at least asking about you, and even a little good word from a close friend in your favor might be the nudge he needs.

3. His reasons for leaving were vague. This is one of the most frustrating cases because you were left confused, but it's also one of the strongest signs your ex boyfriend is coming back. If he gave you something like, "I'm not good enough for you." or "It's just not the right time." or other thin explanation - and he wasn't just blowing you off so he could see somebody else - then he's almost certainly wondering what he was doing right now. He needs to get his head together, mature a little, and think things over. If you really had something together, he knows it.

4. You split with a big fight. Another of the most telling signs your ex boyfriend is coming back, is when you split in the heat of a big argument. Then breaking up was more borne out of anger than not being in love. Remember that passion goes both ways - you don't get angry over something you don't care about. Give it a few days to calm down, and then talk it over and make up. Warning: if this happens over and over, you may consider just ending it permanently. Anybody who has a bad habit of making snap decisions while angry isn't very stable to live with anyway.

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